Core Values

Core Values:

  • Leadership and cultural heritage
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Freedom of thought and Expression
  • Excellence
  • Accountability and Transparency
  • Encouragement
  • Social Responsibility

Leadership and cultural heritage of Education:

              Primary education to all regardless of caste and creed was one of the most significant priorities. In our Institute we follow the noble practices established by our great leader and as we know Leader decides the destiny. We are blessed to have a leadership and a rich cultural heritage which is totally focused on the noble cause of Quality Education.

Honesty & Integrity:

              The foreword of Founder President “Do your Duty,the results will nourish you” promotes the highest standards of trustworthiness and honesty to guarantee that all members of the community recognize the intrinsic advantages of living these beliefs and to ensure that academic execution is assessed dependably and compensated reasonably. In this Institute we totally believe in conduction of all activities in an ethical manner. We are committed to practices that are fair, honest and objective in dealing with students, faculty members, and staff and stake holders at all levels of Institution.

Freedom of Thought and Expression:

          The guarantee of fundamental freedom is very important aspects of our democracy and carefully guarded by citizens and court. We in our Institute believe that freedom of thought and expression is necessary, as without this overall development of Individual cannot be completed. Everybody is valued and judged in view of their commitments and execution instead of gender, race, religion, physical capacities, sexual character or financial condition.


       At our Institute we endeavor to create and seek after higher benchmarks by exhibiting quality in staffing, facilities, programs, and services by promoting continuous improvement, encourage interdepartmental collaboration, encourage creativity, innovation, and risk-taking among students as well as faculty. We  ensure that our community is inclusive and open to all viewpoints. A culture of excellence must pervade the Institution in both academic and non-academic areas.

Accountability and Transparency:

      We are engaged towards developing an atmosphere where every member takes responsibility for personal and professional growth and development. We continuously assess and enhance our policies, establish and impart characterized and explained objectives and targets, ensure that our work increases the value of the college and society.


      Encouragement is provided for critical and quantitative thinking, effective communication, ethical decision making and social obligation in our students. We believe in the value of positive motivation and encouragement. A motivated workforce means a highly productive staff, all of which will help you achieve your organizational goals and vision, and for that we as an Institute work in the direction of a motivated environment for staff and students.

Social Responsibility:
      We are focused on promoting the sense of social responsibilities in students by involving them in various social activities. This helps in creating awareness about latest and important social issues in individual and gives them a broader perspective of understanding the causes and possible solutions related to various social issues.